The Portfolio


I’m Tyler Hall, a 22 year old Game Designer in Ontario so a lot of words I use contain an extra “u”. I appreciate social aspects of games that help bring us together as players and educators to aid further engagement for our players with alternative mediums. Thanks for giving me a chance! More about me here.

I’ve had the pleasure to work with a variety of projects, teams, and visions. It’s through this collection of endeavours that has helped shape me into the diligent designer and developer I am today. You can see the recent fruits of my labour below.



Dimensional design dilemma

A partner grant project with downtown Kitchener Waterloo’s THEMUSEUM. I worked to print 3D puzzle games to help kids learn to use 3D printers.

Brant Newsroom Screenshot.png

BranTford newsroom

A branching narrative project I worked on through Twine as a Research Assistant for an introductory Digital Media and Journalism class surrounding ethical journalism practices.


game Changers Learning Cluster Advisor

By bridging a gap between student affairs and Game Design, I worked as a senior student to facilitate first year undergraduates in residence developing a physical game about cohesive roommate relationships and supported Extra Life in the process!