3D: Dimensional Design Dilemma

3D: Dimensional Design Dilemma is a physical series of puzzle games developed to assist youths learn 3D modelling fundamentals and standard protocols for 3D printing. The games were created by a team consisting of myself, Dr. Emily Flynn-Jones and fellow student Austin Lee. The project came about in partnership between THEMUSEUM and InkSmith with support from the Social Science and Humanities Research Council.

These puzzle games can be played in chronological order in a Breakout Box method or on their own to separately teach pivotal principles. All aspects of the game were designed in Tinkercad and 3D printed using the BGNlab’s Cubicon Single 3D Printer.


Puzzle #1: Manipulation

When manipulating shapes in 3D modelling, it’s important to understand proportions and what shapes can be used together to assemble a larger creation.


Puzzle #2: Rotation

Then it’s essential to understand the plane you’re working within and change your perspective as needed to ensure a proper assembly happens!


Puzzle #3: Print Settings

It’s time to prepare your print! This puzzle focuses on using the appropriate settings for 3D printer extruder, bed, and room temperatures and filament type.


While I worked as a Research Assistant, our development involved numerous ethnographic site visits and wrestling with our own 3D printing endeavours to make sure we were crafting a positive tactile experience for children in the age range of 7-14 to enjoy.

This project had a 4 month turnaround that provided an educational experience for us and playful users alike that led to an overall fruitful finish!