“Build a bigger world.”

— Donald Glover

Hi, I’m Tyler!

I am a Canadian graduate from Game Design and Development at Wilfrid Laurier University.

I’ve been involved with numerous teams, projects, and opportunities since starting my post-secondary pursued passion in 2015. Born in British Columbia and raised in Ontario, I was part of the first graduating class from GDD with an Honours Bachelor’s Degree of Fine and Applied Arts. I’ve been deeply immersed in the realms of game design creative endeavours to make pivotal challenge moments in games while exploring room to make people’s lives easier with education in User Experience Design courses. On top of that, I believe I’m rounded out by extensive student affairs experience with a focus on human development and the impact that a positive educational institution can bring about for individuals.

By dabbling in the countless opportunities presented in my undergraduate experience, I’m poised with a strong sense of stability, time management and interest in creating unique human interactions through the mediums I’ve explored with games.

I’ve been designing games professionally and as passion projects for five years. My earliest memory of games stems from childhood when my mom said I’d need to learn how to read if she were going to buy me Pokemon Yellow and a Game Boy Color; I’ve never had a faster educational turnaround in my life.

The exploratory medium games provide give room for creative narratives, engaging decisions and compelling writing choices to deliver an experience that will leave a lasting memory on players and I’m proud to be a part of any project that has room for development. I’ve cultivated a strong understanding for project scope and necessity for organization when it comes to completing projects and my ability to communicate and juggle task progression in unison.

This site is continuously changing with the seasons- I’m eager to hop into any opportunities I can delve into for further development of a larger vision, a cohesive relationship with an organization, or any individuals that want to chat games! Thanks for taking the time out of your day to delve a little deeper. I hope you have a fantastic day!