Byte-Sized Boss Beatdown

Byte-Sized Boss Beatdown, developed in collaboration with MediaSmarts is a free 3D action adventure game that personifies antidotes versus threats. Through a strenuous boss gauntlet, players attempt to repair their Grandmother’s virus infested computer. Faced with a stream of standalone levels to play, you'll come to know the vulnerabilities that bosses exploit.

My primary roles on this game involved project management using pivotal tracker for deliverables, creating UI mockups and elements (seen below) as well as facilitating the published page and its overall thematic consistency with the game.


Cookie Boss

An animated cookie slows the player down. Through gameplay, we teach the importance of clearing one’s cache to maintain speed.


Maze Obstacle

Through the maze component of the game, the player is faced with ads, communicating that the computer is plagued with Adware.


Unity 3D

All assets and gameplay were developed using Unity 3D in C#, supplemented by 2D elements I created in Adobe Illustrator.