Situation Sensation

Through the course of an academic year in 2016/2017, Situation Sensation was created as a tabletop card game to create cohesive, positive roommate relationships for first year students in residence at Wilfrid Laurier University. The game focuses on building empathy for first year students in residence that for the majority are all living on their own for the first time with roommates they have never met before, with the necessity of striking a balance of cohesive living. In a team focus, the cluster’s aim was to facilitate collaborative skills and focus on concepts such as flow and feedback loops in the undergraduate program of GDD.

It was also through this opportunity that the members of the Game Changers Learning Cluster in collaboration with other Laurier community members were able to raise over $1000 in support of Extra Life, a fundraising event in support of the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals.

Card Logo Illustrator.jpg

The Game

The members of the cluster and I worked collaboratively to accurately reflect visuals that pop to entice new players, all designed through Adobe Illustrator


Extra Life

It was my goal in ongoing talks with Scott Nicholson, our program coordinator and campus partner that we did something new and innovative to give everyone a chance inside and outside our game design community to collaborate.


Ending the Term

After four months of development and a 24 hour game jam to occupy our time during Extra Life, we had our Minimum Viable Prototype!


For background information, the Game Changers Learning Cluster was an employment position I held as an Advisor through the Department of Residence Education, responsible for overseeing the group of first-year Game Design and Development students that were successful in their applications to the cluster.

It was through this role of mentoring that I learned valuable lessons about project scope and conveying empathy to players. Additionally, it was incredibly rewarding to hear feedback from community members and create a successful game that rewarded with a deeper understanding in bridging the gap between game design and education.